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September 14, 2021
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By Children's Medical Clinics of East Texas
September 14, 2021
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Taking care of your child’s mental health is as important as taking care of their physical health. Visit your pediatrician in Kaufman, TX, to learn more about ADD in children. Dr. Turner Lewis of Children's Medical Clinics serves Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall, Wood, and Van Zandt, TX.

What is ADD?

ADD, or attention deficit disorder is a mental health condition that causes overactivity and impulsive behaviors in children. Children with ADD find it difficult to focus their attention on a single task or sit in place for long periods without moving.

What are the symptoms of attention deficit disorder?

Symptoms of ADD can be classified into three groups, inattention symptoms, hyperactivity symptoms, and impulsivity symptoms. The inattention symptoms might not be noticeable until the child goes to school. Your child will lack focusing and organizing capabilities. They will find it hard to do their homework, listen to their teachers and colleagues, and focus on one topic without being distracted. On the other hand, hyperactivity symptoms can be seen clearly in the preschool age. Those children are unable to stay in the same place or play quietly. They run, walk, and even talk a lot without getting tired.

The impulsivity symptoms include the inability to be patient. A child with ADD can’t wait until it’s their turn to talk or react. They may interrupt people several times during their speech, and they may speak at the wrong time.

What is the best treatment option for the disorder?

As the disorder symptoms are not the same for all patients, the treatment of ADD in Kaufman, TX, isn't the same for everyone. Before deciding the appropriate treatment that will suit your child’s specific needs, your pediatrician will evaluate your child carefully. The treatment plan will include medications as well as counseling. Medications will change the functioning of their brain, and counseling will give you and your child the needed skills to improve their case.

Contact us

If your child is suffering from ADD in Kaufman, TX, visit your pediatrician, Dr. Lewis of Children's Medical Clinics. We also serve Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall, Wood, and Van Zandt, TX. Call us at 972-932-1319 to schedule your appointment.

By Children's Medical Clinics of East Texas
June 07, 2021
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Finding the right pediatrician for both you and your child can be a challenge, given the variety of factors to consider when making a decision. How far is the office from your home? Are they available after-hours? Do they have proper training and experience in the field? Do their values align with yours?

At Children's Medical Clinics in Kaufman, TX, we understand that finding the right pediatrician can be a difficult decision, but we are here to help! Dr. Turner Lewis serves the Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall, Wood, and Van Zandt, counties and always puts his patients first while delivering quality care.


When looking for the right pediatrician, one factor to consider is convenience, finding a clinic that fits into your current lifestyle by being there when you need them. Ideally, a pediatrician can provide care for your child from infancy through adolescence so that they can support you and your family through many years of growth and development. Children's Medical Clinics currently has several different locations in the Kaufman, TX, area so that you are never too far from your doctor. Additionally, they offer an after-hours clinic so that you will never go without having someone to answer your call, whether for a question or an emergency. The medical experts at Children's Medical Clinics are committed to providing round-the-clock, quality care for you and your family.


When looking for the right pediatrician, another factor to consider is their values. You want someone who knows how to listen to your concerns, meet your child's needs, and collaborate with you and your family to find the solution that is right for your individual situation. Open, honest communication is key, and your pediatrician at Children's Medical Clinics understands the unique needs of parents and families when providing care.


When you choose Children’s Medical Clinics for your Pediatric home in Kaufman, TX, you get a dedicated team of experts seeking to build relationships with families based on trust, communication, and care. If you are interested in finding the right pediatrician for you and your family, call today at 972-932-1319!

By Children's Medical Clinics of East Texas
May 14, 2021
Category: Child Health Care

If you want the best health care for your child, you shouldn't neglect visiting Dr. Turner Lewis, your pediatrician by waiting for your child to be ill. Well-child care visits with your Kaufman, TX, pediatrician serving Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall, Wood, and Van Zandt County at the Children's Medical Clinics are important for your child's optimal health.

Well Child Care Visits

The American Pediatrics Academy recommends routine visits to your pediatrician from as early as the first week of birth till their 21st birthday. During the early years of your child's life, these checkups are more frequent but as your child ages, they become almost an annual event.

Preventive Care

Your pediatrician, Dr. Lewis, will advise you on how best to avoid injury to your kid. Protective measures such as the right car seat and fire safety are important for keeping your child safe.

Furthermore, your child's doctor will immunize your child to protect them from preventable illnesses. Your child's doctor will answer all your questions about vaccines.

Monitor Development

Your child's first step and first words are precious moments in your child's life. However, you can't truly determine your child's developmental progress without expert help.

At Children's Medical Clinics, your Kaufman, TX, pediatrician's offices serving Rockwall & Dallas County, Dr. Lewis can monitor your child's milestones and development. He can also suggest interventions to help your child catch up if they're running behind.

Document your child's progress and share this new information with your pediatrician during your next visit.

Answer Your Questions

Taking care of a child can be a challenge on its own and it can sometimes feel like there are too many questions and not enough answers. Your pediatrician at Children's Medical Clinics is there to guide you each step of the way. During your next pediatric appointment, you can get expert guidance from your pediatrician.

Call (972) 932-1319 to book a consultation with Dr. Lewis, your Kaufman, TX, pediatrician serving Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall, Wood, and Van Zandt Counties at Children's Medical Clinics today.

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