How To Manage Asthma

How To Manage Asthma

When your child suffers from asthma, as a parent, you probably want to learn anything and everything you can do to help. This article will provide education on the best ways to manage your child's symptoms, both from a medical standpoint and at home. Dr. C. Turner Lewis and his team of providers from Children's Medical Clinics are experienced in treating asthma in Kaufman, TX.

What causes asthma?

Asthma is generally a lifelong condition. But the longevity of it should not scare you, because when managed properly, it will cause little disruption to your child's life and they should be able to participate in any activity. While the exact cause of the development of asthma is not known, there are known risk factors. These are:

  • Genetics: If you have asthma, your child will most likely develop asthma at some point 
  • Allergies: Having allergies increases the chances of developing asthma. Certain allergic conditions and asthma are linked.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to certain irritants in the air can cause one to develop asthma. Especially when an infant or child is exposed to certain irritants or allergens when their immune system has yet to fully mature.
  • Respiratory infections: Infections in a young person's airways can cause long-lasting damage to their still-developing lungs.

What are the treatments for asthma in my child?

The treatment strategy recommended will be unique to your child's type and severity of asthma in Kaufman, TX. We offer fast-acting treatments for acute asthma attacks as well as longer-acting medications that can control and prevent the disease from exacerbating. These include:

  • Fast-acting treatments: These treatments include using an inhaler or nebulizer that utilizes a variety of different medications, chosen to specifically combat your child's unique asthma symptoms. These medications are categorized as short-acting beta-agonists and are sometimes referred to as "rescue medications."
  • Asthma-controlling medication: These medications are given for persistent asthma and are considered long-term treatment options. These medications are taken every day to minimize asthmatic symptoms. They are:
    • Inhaled steroids - combination inhaler which consists of a steroid plus a beta-agonist
    • Theophylline - This timed-release pill keeps the airway open for an extended time
    • Leukotriene modifiers - (usually administered in chewable tablet form)
    • Biological therapies - for the control of asthma that is used when inhaler therapy and other medications have not worked.

What steps can I take at home to help my child?

Learning things you can do at home is crucial for your child to help minimize their symptoms.

  • Keep a clean home and minimize dust, particularly in your child's bedroom.
  • Keep the windows closed when the air quality is poor.
  • Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Bathe pets weekly and don't allow them in the bedroom
  • Avoid burning wood such as in a fireplace or wood-burning stove.

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