5 Signs Your Child May Have Asthma
By Children's Medical Clinics
September 28, 2017
Category: Child Health Care
Tags: asthma  

Wondering if your child has asthma? Asthma is a respiratory condition that inflames and narrows the airways, causing difficulty in asthmabreathing. Childhood asthma can be controlled with proper treatment. Dr. C. Turner Lewis of Children's Medical Clinics, which is located in Kaufman, TX, provides treatment for children with asthma. Here are five signs your child may have asthma.

1. Shortness of Breath- The most common symptom that may indicate your child has asthma is shortness of breath. This happens because airways in the lungs get smaller, swollen, and filled with mucus. During an asthma attack, the muscles surrounding the airway passages tighten. The lining of the airway passages swells. Less air is able to pass through as a result.

2. Frequent Coughing- It’s easy to think that coughing means your child has bronchitis or a cold— but if that cough won't go away, it may be a sign of asthma. Coughing from asthma often is worse early in the morning or at night, making it hard to sleep. Check with a pediatrician if your child's cough lingers for more than two weeks.

3. Chest Tightness- Chest tightness is a typical asthma symptom. Your child may feel like something is squeezing or sitting on his or her chest. This chest tightness can occur rarely, frequently, or persistently. Chest tightness frequently occurs in asthma patients, either alone or with the other asthma symptoms. 

4. Recurrent Wheezing- Wheezing is a typical asthma symptom. Wheezing is a squeaky or whistling sound that occurs when your child breathes. Inflammation and narrowing of the airway in any location, from your throat to your lungs, can result in wheezing. Wheezing alone doesn't mean your child has asthma. Other conditions can also cause wheezing including allergies, bronchitis, and respiratory tract infections.

5. Sleep Problems- Interrupted sleep may be a sign that your child is suffering from asthma. Coughing and wheezing in asthmatics often become more severe during the night. Some doctors feel that chronic insomnia may make a case of asthma become more severe. Fortunately, when childhood asthma is treated, sleep problems tend to disappear.

Asthma can affect your child's day-to-day activities and make life frustrating and miserable. Don't wait another minute- call Children's Medical Clinics in Kaufman, TX at 972-932-1319 right now to schedule an appointment.